Hello World!

Uncovering veil

This is my 1st blog post.I’m Shivani here to take you to the journey from unlimited fun to the darkest secrets of the world no one talks about.Support me so that I can do well in my upcoming posts.

Here begins our journey…

I was really confused abut my first post.So,I decided to say about life,my life in these 15 years.I’m a teenager so of course there are struggles I go through everyday.I do mistakes and learn from them.So,here are the top 5 lessons I learnt in my 15 years.Please go through these I’m 100% sure these would help you.

#The word needs you

Really they do.You may not believe but they really do.Everyone’s born for a purpose,right?To every depressed person in the world,”Hey man,cheer up!There are billions of people in this world but still god thought the world needs you that’s why you are born.Yeah you are needed by many.Don’t lose hope just because of a useless breakup or fight.Go man!It’s your day!😉

#Never ask,”Why me?”

In everyone’s life comes a moment when you ask to yourself,”Why always me?” Let me tell you the answer now,”BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM”

Yeah you have.It may be that others are not capable of doing that and you are.That’s why you were chosen.

#”Never tell your secrets to anyone”

This is maybe the most important lesson in life.It will simply destroy you.I’m telling you even the most trusted person may cause the most damage.A single word out ,and game over.

Never tell your secrets to anyone.The ultimate lesson.

#You will face separation.Be ready to face that.

Everytime you start to like a person,never get too attached because YOU WILL LOSE THEM.It may appear harsh but truly,you were born alone and will go alone.Don’t expect anyone to be with you always.Never.You can never gurantee anyone.

#Love,but don’t expect to be loved

We all love one person,right?And you know why it hurts?Because you simply expected to be loved back.It was simply an exchange offer and nothing else.It wasn’t love,it was a deal between two people to care each other.The deal,when left undone by one,the other gets hurt.That’s breakup.True love really never breakups.😊

So,best of luck for life and support me guys.Love you all!